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Hiding Rows and Columns
Figure 5–46. Where to delete columns or rows. Note that in the second technique you’ll click the Delete button
alongside the Insert button.
Just keep in mind that if you’re deleting cells whose data contributes to a formula, that
formula will suddenly have nothing to work with—and instead of a result, you’ll be left
with an error message in the cell.
Hiding Rows and Columns
It’s not unusual for Excel users to want to hide selected columns or rows—not so much
in order to maintain the secrecy of the data, but to improve the appearance of a
spreadsheet; perhaps columns with complex formulas don’t need to be seen, or
perhaps you’ll want to hide those formulas so that you won’t accidentally overwrite
them; but if you do hide them, remember that all the data posted there remains active,
and any cell references to them remain in force, too.
Again, there are two standard techniques for hiding. Here’s the first:
Right-click the column or
row heading you want to
Click Hide in the resulting
context menu (again, you can
drag across multiple
headings), as in Figure 5–47.
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