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Unhiding Columns and Rows
Unhiding Columns and Rows
Unhide is one of those awkward Excel
verbs, but that’s the description for
bringing back hidden columns or rows.
Now, because the hidden areas can’t be
clicked directly—they’re hidden, after all—
you need to select columns or rows on
either side of the hidden elements. Thus, if
column K were hidden, you’d drag across
headings J and L, as in Figure 5–50.
Figure 5–50. Trying to get back column K
Then right-click anywhere in that blue
selection area and click Unhide (see Figure
Figure 5–51. Just click Unhide, and K will reappear.
Alternatively, click the Home tab, and choose Format Hide & Unhide Unhide Rows or
Unhide Columns from the Cells button group.
NOTE: If you‘ve hidden the A column, there will be no column to its left that you can select. Thus,
you need to click the Select All button to the left of A, which selects the entire workbook. Then
right-click anywhere and click Unhide on the context menu.
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