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Inserting and Deleting Cells
Inserting and Deleting Cells
You can also insert and delete selected cells, not just entire rows and columns—a
possibility that isn’t quite as obvious. If you click in cell A12 and carry out the Insert Cells
command, for example, you’ll push A12 down a row—but you won’t push down row 12
in its entirety. Only the A column will be affected by the command. Any data in cell B12
will remain there, for example.
To insert or delete cells, select in the cell
or cells with which you’re working and
either right-click the selected area and
click Insert…, or click the Home tab and
select the Insert Insert Cells… option from
the Cells button group (see Figure 5–52).
Figure 5–52. Here, cells N8:N12 have been selected.
You’ll see the dialog shown in Figure 5–53.
If you click OK on the Shift cells down option,
cells N8:N12 will be bumped down five
rows—equal to the number of rows in N8
through N12. But no cells in other columns
in the worksheet will be affected.
Figure 5–53. The Insert cells dialog box
To delete selected cells, select the cells you wish to delete and either right-click the
selection and click Delete… or click Delete Cells… in the Cells button group (see Figure 5–54).
Figure 5–54. Where to begin deleting selected cells
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