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Formatting Values: Making the Numbers Look Good
Figure 5–57. Where to turn values into currency formats; note the dollar sign.
Just select the cells you want and click that button. The values should take on the
currency format of your country (that country-specific setting should have been
established by your computer’s control panel before you purchased or when you first
configured your PC), and exhibit these default characteristics:
The indigenous currency symbol
A comma for any value exceeding 999
Two decimal points to signify cents, pence, or whatever the case may
Click the Accounting Number Format button on cells containing the values 4523, 75, and 2,
and you’ll see what’s shown in Figure 5–58.
Figure 5–58. Cashing in: Where to initiate the Accounting Number Format
Looking for additional currency symbols?
Click the down arrow alongside the button
and you’ll see what’s shown in Figure 5–59.
Figure 5–59. Currency exchange: Additional currency
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