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The Custom Option
Similarly, the Phone Number option will allow you to type 1234567 and immediately revise
it to 123-4567.
The Custom Option
But there’s still more. Excel’s Custom option gives you the freedom to fine-tune numerical
appearances precisely to your liking. While some Custom options are rather complex,
there’s one I use often that’s quite simple.
You’ve probably noted by now that when you type a decimal value—say, .37—Excel
ascribes this default format to it in its cell:
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that leading zero; I want to see .37, and nothing
To achieve that appearance, select the cells you want to reformat and
select Custom. You’ll see the dialog shown in Figure 5–67.
Figure 5–67. Decimal derring-do: About to excise that leading zero
Then click the 0.00 option, the third one down the Type list (see the
arrow in Figure 5–68).
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