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Copying Formats (Not Data) with the Format Painter
Copying Formats (Not Data) with the Format Painter
Let’s say you’ve formatted a cell with these characteristics:
Using an Algerian 19-point font
Colored red
Festooned with an orange background
Something like Figure 5-70.
Figure 5-70. Have it your way: Your customized format
Hey—it’s your worksheet. And you’re so enamored with this collection of
embellishments that you want to bring it to other cells. Of course, you could select those
cells and then click the various options that gave rise to that thing of beauty in the
preceding screenshot—but that’s a lot of clicks. What you can do instead is copy and
paste the format of that cell to other cells with the format painter. Here’s how:
Select a source cell
containing the formats you
want to copy to other cells,
as in Figure 5-71.
Figure 5-71. The source and destination cells
Click the Format Painter button
in the Clipboard button group
(on the Home tab). The cursor
will be accompanied by a
paintbrush icon, as in Figure
Figure 5-72. Given the brush-off: The format painter cursor
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