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Applying Ready-Made Formats with Styles
Click and drag onto
destination cells, as in
Figure 5-73.
Figure 5-73. Paint job: The format painter at work
Release the mouse. The
destination cells should
display the source
formatting, as in Figure 5-74.
Figure 5-74. The destination cells, after the source format has
been copied to them. You might now want to widen their
The format painter copies only the formats characterizing the source cell, not the cell’s
data. It provides a handy way to export the formats into other cells, while leaving the
destination-cell data intact.
NOTE: After you apply the format painter once to destination cells, the paintbrush disappears,
and you’re back to the normal data entry mode. If you want to use the format painter to copy
formats repeatedly to different ranges of cells, double-click the Format Painter button. The paint
brush will remain in effect, and you can drag on as many different ranges as you wish. To turn
the paintbrush off, just press the Esc key.
Applying Ready-Made Formats with Styles
There may be times when you’re having difficulty coming up with a nicely designed
format that suits your data, and you may need something quickly—say, for a meeting or
a presentation. Excel’s Cells Styles option presents a large series of style options at the
click of a mouse.
First select the cell(s) you want to restyle.
Click the Cell Styles drop-down arrow in the Styles button group, and
you’ll be presented with the dialog shown in Figure 5–75.
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