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Applying Styles Quickly: Another Way to Access Formatting Options
Not a catchy name, but you see the style listed under the Custom heading at the top of
the dialog box. To delete a user-devised style, right-click its name and click Delete.
Applying Styles Quickly: Another Way to Access
Formatting Options
As already stated, Excel isn’t stingy about providing the user with various ways to do the
same thing, and one way to carry out important formatting options uses the right mouse
button click. Right-click a cell you want to format and you’ll see what’s shown in Figure
Figure 5–79. The mini-toolbar, featuring formatting’s greatest hits
Two objects suddenly appear:
What’s called the context menu, that tall column listing various
command options, which by and large you can also access on the
ribbon (e.g., Cut and Copy)
The mini-toolbar, a collection of commonly applied formatting options
gathered from various button groups. Just click the one you need (with
the left button, by the way).
Note that the previewing feature described previously works here, too—rest your mouse
over a formatting command before you click it, and the selected cells will show what the
formatting change will look like.
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