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Looking for Scores Equal to or Greater Than 90
Looking for Scores Equal to or Greater Than 90
Now, what if we’re looking instead for all scores equaling or bettering 90? There’s more
than one option here. We could click Highlight Cells Rules Between… instead of the
original Greater Than…, which would reveal the dialog box shown in Figure 5–86.
Figure 5–86. One approach to looking for scores equal to or greater than 90
We’d then enter 90 in the first field, and 100 in the other, and then click OK. The rest of
the process would be identical to the first exercise.
An Alternative Approach to the Same Result
The second option would take us to this command sequence:
Select Highlight Cells Rules More Rules…, as shown in Figure 5–87.
Figure 5–87. Rules are made to be . . . followed.
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