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Some Additional Conditional Formatting Options
Then select Format only cells that contain, and then greater than or equal to, as
in Figure 5–88.
Figure 5–88. Plan B
Click and then type in the blank field to the right of greater than or 90
equal to.
Then click Format and OK, and once again you’ll be brought back to the
Format Cells dialog box. And as with the other examples, you need to
decide which sort of formatting change to introduce.
Just keep in mind that when you institute a conditional format, you can change the
appearance of the text in cells (e.g., its font, color, or boldface/italics status) that meet
your condition, as well as the color of the cell itself.
Some Additional Conditional Formatting Options
Again, Excel makes many other conditional formatting options available. Let’s just look
at two more.
Select the test data cells again and click Conditional Formatting
Top/Bottom Rules. You’ll see the options shown in Figure 5–89.
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