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Some Additional Conditional Formatting Options
Figure 5–89. Average white cells: Finding test scores above the class average
Click Above Average…, and you’ll be brought to the dialog shown in
Figure 5–90.
Figure 5–90. Note that the above-average scores are tinted red in preview mode even before you click OK.
Click OK now, meaning that you’re accepting Excel’s Light Red Fill with
Dark Red Text default conditional format. You’ll see that all test scores
exceeding the class average will exhibit exactly that—their cells will
appear in light red, and the text in those cells will appear in dark red.
And conditional formats are dynamic, meaning that if you change the data with which
you’re working, the formats will change correspondingly. If you enter 100 for Edith’s
grade, for example, her cell will immediately turn light red with dark red text, because it
now exceeds the class average—and Sally’s grade of 80 will lose that formatting,
because her grade will now fall below the average.
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