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Turning Off Conditional Formatting
Turning Off Conditional Formatting
If you want to turn off your conditional formats and restore the cells to their original,
black-text-on-white-background appearance, do the following:
Select the cells.
Click Conditional Formatting Clear Rules Clear Rules from Selected Cells (or
from Entire Sheet, if that’s what you want to do).
Using Data Bars: A Different Kind of Conditional Format
Here’s one more conditional format option of a very different sort. Instead of
coloring cells or their backgrounds on the basis of specified conditions, data bars
occupy conditionally formatted cells with mini bar charts, which are proportioned
to the values in those cells.Select the test data.
Click Conditional Formatting Data Bars.
Hover the mouse over the first Gradient Fill option, and you’ll see the
options shown in Figure 5–91.
Figure 5–91. Grades and gradients: Applying gradient bars to the test scores
What’s happened—or what will happen if you go ahead and click—is the application of a
mini–bar chart inside each cell displaying a test score. Note that the bar in Quincy’s 93—
the highest score in the class—fills the entire cell, and the other bars are sized in
proportion to that 93. If you enter 100 in Edith’s cell again, her bar that will occupy the
entire cell, with the other cells proportioned to her grade.
NOTE: If you widen the column in which the data bars appear, the disparity in bar lengths
between various grades will seem more pronounced.
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