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Creating a Column Chart
Creating a Column Chart
Now that we’ve gotten oriented, let’s try our hand at producing a column chart. First,
open the Test Scores workbook, and then perform the following steps:
Click anywhere within the data. There’s no need to select the whole
range of data, and in fact you shouldn’t.
Click the Insert tab, and then choose
Column from the Chart button group.
You’ll see the options shown in
Figure 6–5.
Figure 6–5. Column chart subtypes
Click the chart subtype you want to choose. We’ll click the first option,
in the upper-left corner of the menu. You’ll see the chart that was shown
in the earlier figures.
For starters, that’s all there is to it; click in the data to be charted, select a chart subtype,
and you’re done—maybe. If you’re happy with what you see, then you are done. Note
that the chart looks at the grade data and makes some decisions on its own about how
the vertical value axis will be scaled—in this case, with values ranging from 0 to 100,
spaced at 10-point intervals (see Figure 6–6).
Figure 6–6. Note the vertical value axis scaled at 10-point intervals.
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