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Creating a Chart in 2 Seconds
NOTE: You can delete a chart by clicking in the chart area and pressing the Delete key.
Creating a Chart in 2 Seconds
No, that heading isn’t a typo. You really can drum up a chart in about 2 seconds, give or
take a millisecond, like this: just click in the data you want to chart, and press the F11
key. You’ll see something like Figure 6–7.
Figure 6–7. Where’s the stopwatch? There’s the chart. Note the new worksheet on the far left.
It’s done. Excel latches onto the data and launches a column chart pronto. Note that
Excel throws the chart onto a new worksheet, here called Chart2 (because we’ve
already produced a chart in the workbook).
Changing a Chart
If you want to change some or all of the aspects of your chart, all those options await;
and while some of these changes are purely aesthetic, other options will let you bring
about a real change in the way in which the chart communicates its data, as you’ll see.
And Excel gives you the tools to change virtually any aspect of your chart.
Moving and Resizing the Chart
Possibly the two simplest ways in which you can change a chart is to move it and resize
it. You can move a chart by clicking in the chart area only (but nowhere else) and
dragging the chart to a new location in the worksheet. Clicking anywhere else in the
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