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Changing the Chart by Changing Its Data
Figure 6–10. Tight squeeze: Pinching the chart can make Brian’s 93 in Poli. Sci. look more impressive.
There are other ways in which you can introduce chart distortion too (see the
“Reformatting the Vertical Axis section” later in this chapter for another example).
Changing the Chart by Changing Its Data
Another way to change the chart is by changing the data that’s contributing to it. Excel
charts are dynamic; in our case that means that if you change any of the test scores in
the original set of scores, the column bar(s) will change accordingly. If, for example,
Brian’s 93 had been entered by mistake and he had really scored a 63, typing that 63
would automatically resize Brian’s Poli. Sci. score (see Figure 6–11). This dynamic
feature remains in force even if you move the chart to another worksheet.
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