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Changing the Chart Type
Click anywhere on the
chart. Then take note of
what are called contextual
tabs . These are tabs that
spring onto the screen
only when you click a
specific object, in this
case a chart (see Figure 6–
Figure 6–13. The Chart Tools button groups, appearing
beneath the Chart Tools contextual tab
Click the Design tab.
Click the Change Chart Type button in
the Type button group. You’ll see the
Change Chart Type dialog box (Figure
Figure 6–14. Spoiled for choice: Change Chart Type
NOTE: The current chart subtype is selected. Click any of the other column subtypes or scroll
down the dialog box to see the other chart options and their respective subtypes.
Click your selection, click OK, and the chart will be changed.
You can also change chart types by right-clicking in the chart area (again, click only
there, not on any other element in the chart) and clicking Change Chart Type… in the
resulting context menu (not to be confused with the context tabs described previously).
You’ll be brought to the Change Chart Type dialog box, as shown in Figure 6–15.
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