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Exploring the Format Dialog Box
Click Format Selection to work with that object’s formatting options; and whether you
bring up the context menu or turn to the Current Selection button, you’ll be brought to the
same dialog box.
Say you want to reformat the chart area. Either of the two methods described previously
will bring you to a format dialog box (see Figure 6–25);
Figure 6–25. Take your choice: you’ll get here either with the context menu and the Current Selection button
That’s how the standard format-any-chart-object dialog box looks.
Exploring the Format Dialog Box
The contents of the format dialog box will vary with the object you’ve selected. The
formatting options for data series, chart, and plot areas are basically of the change-their-
color variety. For example, if you want to recolor a data series, do the following:
Click one of the data series’ bars to select it.
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