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Formatting a Chart Object Using Shape Styles
Figure 6–34. The Chart Styles option
Just click the style you want, and that’s it. Note that the options in the last two rows of
styles will also recolor the plot area, in addition to the data series. Just remember that
even if you do use styles, you can still continue to make additional changes to any
element of the chart on your own, including the colors of a style.
Formatting a Chart Object Using Shape Styles
Don’t confuse shape styles with chart styles . Unlike chart styles, shape styles enable you
to reformat just one chart object in particular (axis text, plot area, one data series, etc.).
Also unlike chart styles, the Shape Styles option shows you how the reformatted object
will look in preview mode, when you rest your mouse over a style before you click it.
Let’s see how shape styles are used:
Select the chart element for which you want to add a shape style. In this
case, let’s format the horizontal (category) axis, so select it.
Click Chart Tools, click the Format context tab, and then click the Shape
Styles More drop-down arrow (that’s the third of the three arrows in that
button group). Shape Styles will reveal the options shown in Figure 6–35.
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