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Adding Extra Chart Elements with the Layout Tab
This layout exhibits a data table, which displays all the data contributing to the chart on
the chart itself. It also adds two title boxes—one to describe the chart, and the other to
identify the vertical (value) axis. To replace the title text with titles of your own, just click
the titles (you’ll see a selection border around it), type your title, and press Enter.
NOTE: Data tables and other extras take space from the actual chart in order to make room for
themselves. That means the chart itself will shrink as the extras surrounding it (such as titles and
data tables) are added. As result, you’ll have to resize the chart yourself if you want the original
chart size to be restored with its new additions. Needless to say, if you don’t like how the chart
looks in its resized state you can execute an undo, or you can simply delete the extras.
Adding Extra Chart Elements with the Layout Tab
The buttons on the Layout tab let you add and modify many of the chart elements already
discussed, such as chart and axis titles, data tables, and legends, as well as some
objects we’ve yet to discuss, such as data labels. Each button sports a drop-down
menu whose options are pretty clearly explained in caption form. And if the captions
don’t help, simply clicking each option should answer all your questions. Let’s survey
these buttons.
Chart Title
To add a chart title, go to the Layout tab and
click Chart Title, as shown in Figure 6–40.
Figure 6–40. Title search: The Chart Title button
As its name suggests, Chart Title lets you install a title on the chart in one of two
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