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Adding Extra Chart Elements with the Layout Tab
As a centered overlay , in
which the chart
superimposes the title
right on top of the chart
(see Figure 6–41).
Figure 6–41. Atop the charts: The centered overlay position
Above the chart. This one
is pretty obvious, but
note that the caption
says that this option
resizes the chart—that is,
it grabs territory from the
chart itself and
downsizes it (see Figure
Figure 6–42. Unobstructed view: The chart title is placed above
the data.
Now, you’re not going to be happy with a chart title whose text declares “Chart Title.” to
substitute your own title, just click the title to select it, type your title in the formula bar,
and press Enter.
TIP: You can always delete a title (and most other chart objects) by selecting it and pressing the
Delete key.
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