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Adding Extra Chart Elements with the Layout Tab
TIP: Just remember that if you find that black-text-on-blue-bar color contrast too weak (as per
the Soc. data series in our chart), you can always recolor the bar by reformatting that data series.
You can also recolor the data labels by right-clicking any one of the values in that data series,
and recoloring the font via the mini-toolbar.
Data Table
We’ve discussed data tables before; they’re included in some of the chart layouts we
reviewed earlier, and they display the data from which the chart is fashioned onto the
chart in table form. For example, the Show Data Table with Legend Keys option installs the
table in the position shown in Figure 6–47.
Figure 6–47. Setting the Table: Where the data table goes
The legend keys are the identifying text at the data table’s left, which you may find a bit
redundant, because the legend itself is out there as usual to the right of the chart. That’s
why Excel offers the Show Data Table option as well, which omits the legend keys.
NOTE: Again, adding a data table to the chart reduces the size of the actual chart.
The Axes option contains some selections you’ll likely never use, and some you very well
might. The Axes Primary Horizontal Axis Show Right to Left Axis option switches the
vertical axis to the right edge of the chart, and reverses the order of the names shown
beneath the horizontal axis (see Figure 6–48).
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