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Adding Extra Chart Elements with the Layout Tab
Figure 6–52. Note the Vertical Axis Millions title, which appears automatically.
All those millions have been trimmed from the axis, but that change is purely formatting
in nature. The axis title reminds the viewer that 50 really still means 50 million, expressed
in neat charting shorthand.
Plot Area
The Plot Area options (see Figure 6–53) are
rather simple, comprising two basic
selections, though the second of the two
requires a bit of explanation.
Figure 6–53. The Plot thickens: Plot Area options
Clicking None restores the fill area color to its original, native white. The caption to the
second option, Show Plot Area, states that it will “Show Plot Area with default color fill.”
That sounds like the None option, doesn’t it? But it isn’t—not quite. What Show Plot Area
does is return the plot area to the color it acquires if you select one of the chart styles
discussed earlier (i.e., one of those styles that recolors the plot area in addition to the
data). It’s only when you go ahead and recolor this plot area that Show Plot Area comes
into play, as it reprises the chart style plot color you selected—not the original, default
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