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Introducing Sparklines: Mini-Charts Placed in Cells
Click the Insert ribbon tab, and click
the Line button in the Sparklines
button group (see Figure 6–56; note
the Win/Loss option, which I’ll explain
later). You’ll then see the dialog in
Figure 6–57.
Figure 6–56. The Sparklines button group
Figure 6–57. Selecting the data: Each row will yield its own sparkline.
Now select the range containing all the test data, as shown in Figure 6–58.
Figure 6–58. Selecting the data that will contribute to each sparkline
NOTE: You may see the name Student posted to the Data Range field. That’s a range name we
produced in the course of the create-from-selection range-naming exercise we carried out in
Chapter 3. It stands for cells J10:L13, the cells we need to select now.
Click OK. The sparklines should appear alongside each student’s grades
in the location range, as shown previously in Figure 6–54.
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