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Modifying Sparklines
Now imagine 1,000 rows of data instead of our 4, each one representing a student’s test
scores. It would be no problem to establish a sparkline corresponding to each set of
grades, affording a teacher or administrator a quick, enlightening read on every
student’s progress.
Modifying Sparklines
There are several ways you can change the sparklines you’ve ushered into your
workbook. Click any sparkline and you’ll fire up the Sparkline Tools context tab. Click the
tab, and the roster of sparkline options will report for duty (see Figure 6–59).
Figure 6–59. Sparkline styles
Note the Style option, which emulates the Chart Styles drop-down menu; clicking here will
enable you to recolor the sparklines.
NOTE: By default, sparklines are grouped , meaning that any changes you carry out will affect all
the sparklines in the range. If you want to reformat just one sparkline, click the individual
sparkline and then click the Ungroup button in the Group button group (if that doesn’t sound too
The Show button group lets you post
markers (dots, actually) that denote key
data points on the sparklines. For
example, if you click the High Point option,
the sparkline will mark the highest test
score for each student (see Figure 6–60).
Figure 6–60. Dotted lines: Each student’s highest
grade is punctuated by a dot.
TIP : You can also change a sparkline color by clicking the Sparkline Color drop-down arrow
and selecting from the color palette. You can also change the sparkline background by clicking
the standard Font Fill Color button on the Home ribbon.
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