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Sorting Data: Instilling Order in Your Data
Save the workbook as Sort. Note that the first and last names have
been assigned separate fields; this is a good thing to do when working
with databases.
Now let’s suppose we want to sort
this database by the last names of
the staff. Start by clicking anywhere
in the Last Name column. Don’t try
to select the entire database; that’s
totally unnecessary at best and will
cause problems at worst. Then click
Home Sort & Filter in the Editing
button group. You’ll see the
dropdown shown in Figure 7–3.
Figure 7–3. Where to start sorting
Click Sort A to Z, and you’ll see the content shown in Figure 7–4.
Figure 7–4. All done!
That’s it. The last names are sorted in A-to-Z order, and the deed is done.
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