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Sorting by Cell Format
Click OK.
You can also click any field in the dialog box and click Delete Level if you decide you want
to remove it as a sorted field. The up and down arrows alongside the Copy Level button
allow you to promote or demote fields in the sort order. Thus, if you wanted to sort
Salary first you’d click in that field and then click the up arrow. Salary will move above
Department in the dialog box and be sorted first.
NOTE: The Copy Level button concerns yet another level of sorting, where you can sort by the
format of a cell as well as its value. That is dealt with in the next section.
Sorting by Cell Format
Now what about those additional options on the Sort On drop-down menu—namely, Cell
Color, Font Color, and Cell Icon? These are choices you’re far less likely to select; they relate
to conditional formatting , allowing you to tell Excel to sort cells (or the text in them) that
have been, for example, formatted green before cells that have been formatted red.
Thus, if you were to click Cell Color,
additional buttons asking you to
identify which color is to be sorted
first would appear in the dialog
box; or in the case of Cell Icon,
which conditionally formatted icon
would receive sorting priority (see
Figure 7–9).
Figure 7–9. Two different sorts of sorts based on conditional
formats (the first by cell color and the second by cell icon)
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