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Finding What You Want with Filters
Figure 7–13. The Sales department
I told you it was easy. We’ve just isolated—or filtered—the members of the Sales staff.
In order to bring that outcome about, Excel has hidden the rows of all the employees in
the database who aren’t in Sales. Note the gaps in row numbers in Figure 7–14.
Figure 7–14. Something’s missing—rows.
Notice that the Sales department records occupy rows 8, 9, 14, 19, and 20. The other
rows are occupied by members of different departments, and are thus obscured from
TIP: You can also filter the Sales staff by typing Sales in the search field right above the check
boxes shown previously in Figure 7–12, and clicking OK.
It’s easy to miss, but when you filter a database, the number of records you’ve pulled
out is recorded in the lower left of the status bar, as shown in Figure 7–15.
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