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Tables: Adding User-Friendliness to Your Database
Figure 7–22. First we filter the Sales personnel, and then we filter those results by Salary.
Tables: Adding User-Friendliness to Your Database
Working with a database and adding records to it is generally a pretty easy task, but
Excel provides the user with a way to make the process even easier—by transforming
the database into a table A table is a database to which some ease-of-use features .
have been added—features that spare the user from some of the drudgery associated
with data entry (e.g., automatically copying a new formula to all the rows in the table).
Let’s turn our database into a table, and we’ll see how it works:
Click anywhere in the database.
Then click the Insert tab and select
Table from the Tables button group.
Doing so brings up the dialog box
shown in Figure 7–23.
Figure 7–23. Turning the tables on a database
Click OK, and then click anywhere in the worksheet to deselect the
database. You’ll see the results shown in Figure 7–24.
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