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Tables: Adding User-Friendliness to Your Database
Figure 7–25. The header row’s still on the screen—but look at the row numbers!
The table receives a name—by default, Table1. (These names proceed
in sequence; your second table will be called Table2, your third
Table3, etc.) Whenever you click in the table, its name will appear in
the Table Name field in the Properties button group on the Table Tools
Design tab. You can also rename a table by clicking in the table and
clicking in the Table Name field, typing a new name, and pressing Enter.
The table name will appear when you click the drop-down arrow in the
Name box; click the name and the table will be selected.
Figure 7–26. A table renamed. Note the Name box.
If you enter additional records (or rows) to the table, they too will
automatically exhibit the same format.
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