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Tables: Adding User-Friendliness to Your Database
Figure 7–32. The table, with a Total row appended at the bottom. If the total is too large to be seen, just widen
the Salary column with autofit.
By default, the Total row adds the values in the rightmost field of the table, as shown in the
figure. If that column contains textual data, the number of records is counted instead. And
if you click in any other cell in the Total row, a drop-down arrow will appear, letting you
select a mathematical operation for the data in that field (see Figure 7–33).
Figure 7–33. The Total row lets you perform a calculation on any field in the table.
What Excel is really doing here is enabling you to use one of its functions, which will
calculate a result for the field in which you’ve clicked. Note the array of options made
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