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PivotTables: Data Aggregation Without the Aggravation
PivotTables: Data
Aggregation Without the
PivotTables provide a potent and flexible way to organize—and reorganize—the records
in a database or table, by letting you break out the data into a variety of visual
arrangements. And once you’ve done so, you can quickly transform the results into a
PivotTables also let you group data; for example, you can bundle test score results in
groups of 10 points—that is, tally the number of students who score between 100 and
91, 90 and 81, and so on.
And starting with Excel 2010, Microsoft has introduced a new PivotTable feature called
the Slicer, which gives you a clearer presentation of filtered data. I’ll explain the Slicer
soon, although it’s similar to the filters discussed in Chapter 7.
Looking at Some PivotTables
In this section, we’ll take a look at some specific examples of how PivotTables are used.
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