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Creating a PivotTable
To start with, we want to break out
the sales figures—that is, the data in
the Order Amount field—by
salesperson to see how much each
has earned. The first step is to click
anywhere in the database, as we did
with sorting and filtering. Then click
the Insert tab, and choose PivotTable
from the Tables button group (click
the top half of the button). You’ll see
the dialog shown in Figure 8–9.
Figure 8–9. The Create PivotTable dialog box
Note that by default Excel will manufacture a new worksheet in which to
place the PivotTable. Click OK, and you’ll see Figure 8–10. We’ve put
what could be termed the scaffolding of the PivotTable in place, but all
we see so far is a curious, empty space holding down the left side of the
worksheet; we obviously haven’t generated any results yet. (Note also
that a PivotTable Tools contextual tab also appears at the top of your
screen.) Now look at the area in the lower half of the PivotTable Field List,
in the area captioned “Drag fields between areas below.” This is where
you’ll be doing most of the work of designing and redesigning your
Figure 8–10. The PivotTable grid. Note the PivotTable Field List on the right.
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