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Creating a PivotTable
NOTE: You can remove the PivotTable Field List from view by clicking PivotTable Tools Options,
and clicking the Field List button in the Show button group. Clicking this button a second time
will bring the list back onscreen.
Next, tick the check box alongside Salesperson in the Choose fields to add to
report area near the top right of the PivotTable Field List. Two things will
happen, as shown in Figure 8–11: the names of the salespersons will be
arrayed in the Row Labels area of the PivotTable on the left, and a bar
representing that field will appear in the Drag fields between areas below
section in the lower half of the PivotTable Field List. Note also that the
salespersons are each listed once , no matter how many times they’re
listed in the source database.
Figure 8–11. The salespersons, listed uniquely in the Row Labels area
Then tick the check box alongside
Order Amount. You’ll see the data
shown in Figure 8–12.
Figure 8–12. There it is—your first PivotTable
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