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Creating a Report Worksheet for Each Item in a Filter
Good to know, but you’ll probably find this option slightly uninformative, because it
doesn’t allow you to see the name of the salespersons you’re filtering. Microsoft is
aware of this issue, and has supplied an alternative to this approach that you’ll learn
about later: using the Slicer.
C r e a t i n g a Report Worksheet for Each Item in a Filter
There’s another report filter feature you may want to check out, too: the Show Report Filter
Pages option. Let's see what this does:
Drag the Salesperson field into the filter area without selecting any
particular salesperson, so that you see (All), as shown previously in
Figure 8–17.
Click the PivotTables Tools Options tab,
and then click the Options drop-down
arrow. You’ll see the options shown
in Figure 8–21.
Figure 8–21. The Show Report Filter Pages… option
Click Show Report Filter Pages…, and then click OK when you see the Show
Report Filter Pages dialog box. That click will trigger a rapid-fire production
of new worksheets, each named after and bearing a filtered report for
each salesperson (see Figure 8–22).
Figure 8–22. All accounted for: Each salesperson is assigned a separate worksheet, each containing a report
filter for that person
Click any worksheet tab and check it out (see Figure 8–23).
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