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Grouping Related Items Ussing Two Fields
Grouping Related Items Using Two Fields
Up to now we’ve traveled the basic route to designing a PivotTable, in which one field in
the Row Labels area breaks out the data in a field in the Values area. But you can also
place two fields in the Row Labels area, to carry out a kind of double-breakout.
The PivotTable in Figure 8–25 illustrates what that means.
Figure 8–25. National pride: Sales, broken out both by country and salesperson
Here, the sales data is broken out by two fields, first by country and then by
salesperson. We can see that 4 sales were conducted in the United Kingdom and 11 in
the United States. Within the United Kingdom, it’s Buchanan, Dodsworth, and Suyama
who’ve compiled the sales, while Callahan, Davolio, Leverling, and Peacock have done
their sales work in the States.
This double-breakout enhances the viewer’s understanding of the sales activity, by
introducing Country into the analysis and indicating which salespersons worked in which
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