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Grouping Related Items Ussing Two Fields
How is this done? Simple; you just drag
and drop Country into the Row Labels area,
too (see Figure 8–26).
Figure 8–26. Table for two: Two fields occupy the Row
Labels area
When you drag Country into Row Labels,
you need to carefully to position it above
Salesperson. If you don’t, and Salesperson
winds up above Country, the PivotTable
will look like Figure 8–27.
Figure 8–27. Another look at the same data
Here the data is broken out first by salesperson and then by country, reversing the order
of the initial breakout. This view might be particularly informative if a salesperson worked
in both countries, because you’d see the sales data for both UK and USA under the
salesperson’s name. In any case, you can easily drag one field above the other in the
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