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Grouping Related Items Ussing Two Fields
Row Labels area if you need to, and then just release your mouse when the fields have
been properly positioned.
There’s another point about breaking out
the data by two fields. Note that each
salesperson’s total—which is a subtotal of
all the sales, of course—appears alongside
his or her name in bold text. If you want
the subtotals to appear at the bottom of
each salesperson’s group instead, you can
click the PivotTable Tools Design tab, and
then click Subtotals Show all Subtotals at
Bottom of Group, as in Figure 8–28.
Figure 8–28. It all adds up: PivotTable subtotal options
First, let’s return Country to a position above Salesperson in the Row Labels area,
because subtotaling by country will illustrate the point more clearly (there’s more to
subtotal this way; because each salesperson works in but one country, there’s nothing
to subtotal if you group by Salesperson). Then click Show All Subtotals at Bottom of Group,
and the PivotTable will be redesigned to take on the appearance shown in Figure 8–29.
Figure 8–29. Another new look to the same data: Subtotals at the bottom of each salesperson group
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