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Using the Row and Column Value Areas to Group Items
Then click inside the Values area in
the actual PivotTable—not the Values
area in the PivotTable Field List—and if
necessary click the PivotTables
Tools contextual tab, and then
Options Summarize Values By. You’ll
see the options shown in Figure 8–
Figure 8–31. Where to change the mathematical
operation for your PivotTable data
Click Average, and you’ll see the data
shown in Figure 8–32.
Figure 8–32. Average sale size, by salesperson
That’s it—though you probably won’t like all those nasty decimal points swelling the
numbers. But that’s a formatting issue, and we’re going to discuss that later in the
TIP: You can select different mathematical operations by either right-clicking in the Values area
in the PivotTable itself and clicking Value Field Settings on the context menu, or clicking the
Options tab and then clicking Field Settings in the Active button group. Either way, you’ll be
brought to a Value Field Settings dialog box, from which you can choose the operation you want.
You can also get to the same destination by right-clicking in that PivotTable value area and
selecting Summarize Values By.
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