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How the Slicer Works
For example, in Figure 8–40 I’ve filtered the sales data for Buchanan and Peacock. With
the Slicer, you’ll be able to see what’s shown in Figure 8–41.
Figure 8–41. Filter, no longer out of kilter: With the Slicer you can see exactly who’s been filtered
Note that the Slicer isn’t exactly in the PivotTable, and if you click it the PivotTable Tools
contextual tab won’t appear on the screen. You can drag the Slicer anywhere on the
worksheet, and even change its color and style.
How the Slicer Works
Before I demonstrate how to use the Slicer, make sure that the Order Amount data is
placed in the Values area of your PivotTable, and place Salesperson in the Report Filter
area (for this exercise, it doesn’t matter if you’ve added Walters’ data or not).
Click anywhere in the PivotTable.
Then click the PivotTable Tools Options
tab, and click the Insert Slicer button
in the Sort & Filter button group.
You’ll see the options shown in
Figure 8–42.
Figure 8–42. Slice of life, PivotTable style. Note that
all the database fields are listed.
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