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How the Slicer Works
Click Salesperson, and then click OK.
The Slicer will appear, with all the
salespersons listed and colored
blue, as in Figure 8–43.
Figure 8–43. Don’t worry if you don’t have Walters
This is the equivalent of the (All)
indicator shown in the report filter—
that is, all the salespersons are
currently selected. But if you click
any one salesperson’s name, only
his or her data will appear in the
Value field. If you click one
salesperson, hold down the Ctrl key,
and click a second name (see Figure
8–44), the data for both will be
totaled in the Value field.
Figure 8–44. Two salespersons selected with the
Slicer. Their combined sales data will appear in the
Values area.
This is the Slicer solution to that report filter multiple-items problem—it allows you to
clearly see which salespersons have been filtered. If you want to deselect a salesperson,
hold the Ctrl down again and click that salesperson’s name.
Note that our PivotTable now has the Order Amount data in the Values area, the
Salesperson field in the Report Filter area, and the Slicer in place (see Figure 8–45).
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