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Restyling the Slicer
The Clear Filter button—that funnel image accompanied by an X in the upper right of the
filter—will turn off the current filter when you click it, but that doesn’t mean that it will
remove the filter from the PivotTable. It means that it will no longer single out or filter any
particular salesperson, but rather combine all the salesperson data in the Value area (see
Figure 8–47).
Figure 8–47. The Clear Filter button has been clicked, combining all the salesperson data in the Value area result .
Restyling the Slicer
You can also restyle the Slicer by clicking the Slicer title (i.e., the upper area that reads
“Salesperson”—see the arrow in Figure 8–47), and calling up the Slicer Tools contextual
tab. Click the Options tab, followed by the Slicer Styles drop-down arrow, and click a style
(see Figure 8–48).
Figure 8–48 . Selecting Slicer styles
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