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Formatting the PivotTable
To remove a Slicer, click in the Slicer title area so that the Slicer is surrounded by a gray
border (see Figure 8–49). Then just press the Delete key.
Figure 8–49. Click the Slicer area to trigger that gray border and press Delete.
NOTE: You can also resize the Slicer by clicking a dotted area on that gray border and dragging
in the desired direction, just as you would resize a chart.
Formatting the PivotTable
Excel offers many options for formatting PivotTables. Perhaps most importantly, you can
easily reformat the values in the Value area, which, after all, contains data you need to
know. Now, about all those decimal points.
As usual with Excel, there are several ways to access the commands that will enable you
to change the appearance of PivotTable values. I’ll describe two.
First, right-click anywhere in the Values area in the actual PivotTable,
and click Value Field Settings on the context menu. You’ll see the dialog
shown in Figure 8–50.
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