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Styling Your Report
You’ve seen this collection of options in Chapter 5. We want the values
to display just two decimal points, so click Number in Category list shown
in Figure 8–51, and type in the Decimal Places field you’ll see in the next 2
dialog box (see Figure 8–52). Then click OK twice.
Figure 8–52. The number formatting options; you’ve seen it all before
NOTE: What’s different about formatting PivotTable values is that, unlike a standard range, you
don’t select every cell in the Values area before you select the formatting options; all you do is
right-click in the area and execute the commands, and all the values will be reformatted. It’s an
all-or-nothing procedure here.
Styling Your Report
You can also draw upon a large collection of PivotTable styles that resemble the styles
available in Excel tables. To view these, just click the PivotTable Tools Design tab, select
PivotTable Styles, and click the More drop-down arrow (the lowest of the arrows you’ll see).
You’ll be presented with the options shown in Figure 8–53.
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