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Changing PivotTable Headers
Figure 8–53. Stylish options: PivotTable styles
And as with their table cousins, these styles will display themselves in preview mode
when you simply place your mouse over them before clicking. You can also introduce
row and column banding in the PivotTable just as you can in Excel tables by clicking in
the PivotTable Style Options button group just to the left of PivotTable Styles.
NOTE: Remember, in order to access the PivotTable button group options, you must click in the
PivotTable first.
Changing PivotTable Headers
Note that Figure 8–53 sports a “Row Labels” header above the Salesperson field, and
you might opt for something a bit more specific. If so, all you have to do is click in that
header cell directly in the PivotTable, type whatever replacement header you wish, and
press Enter. You can do the same to the Values header as well; just note that in the
Values case your customized header will also appear in the Values area in the PivotTable
Field List.
NOTE: Changing PivotTable field headers won’t change the corresponding headers in the
database source you’ve used to produce the PivotTable.
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