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Layout Options
The Compact layout tucks the Salespersons data beneath the Country
field in the same columns, whereas the other two layouts assign
Salesperson a separate column.
The Outline and Tabular layouts title the columns with the actual
names of the fields being broken out, unlike Compact, which can’t do
that—because it presents two fields in one column.
The Tabular layout presents the UK and USA subtotals beneath the
data, while the other two align the subtotals with the Country titles.
You access the various layout options by
clicking the PivotTable Tools Design tab, and
clicking the Report Layout button in the Layout
button group, as shown in Figure 8–57.
Figure 8–57. PivotTable layout options
And what about those minus signs stationed to the left of the country names in all the
layouts? When clicked, those buttons conceal, or collapse , the salesperson data
beneath the country (see Figure 8–58).
Figure 8–58 . Now you see it, now you don’t: UK salespersons hidden, or collapsed, beneath the UK category
Note that the minus has reverted to a plus sign alongside the UK in the figure. Click it
now and the UK salesperson records return to view. This plus/minus option gives you a
way to streamline the PivotTable’s appearance by temporarily obscuring the detail data
under a global category—in our case, Country. (Of course, you could achieve a similar
effect by simply removing the Salesperson field from the PivotTable.)
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