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Creating Charts from PivotTables Using PivotCharts
In addition, you can collapse and expand the entire PivotTable by clicking the Expand
Entire Field/Collapse Entire Field buttons in the Options Active Field button group (see
Figure 8–59).
Figure 8–59. The Expand and Collapse Entire Field buttons
Clicking the Collapse Entire Field button, for example, would be equivalent to clicking the
minus signs alongside UK and USA simultaneously, yielding the results shown in
Figure 8–60.
Figure 8–60. The entire Salesperson field has been collapsed, impacting both countries.
Clicking Expand Entire Field now would restore all the salesperson names to view.
Creating Charts from PivotTables Using PivotCharts
Just as you can summarize database data with a chart, you can chart PivotTable results
too. The principles behind pivot charting are very similar, but not identical, to the
techniques we’ve already discussed for charting database data.
Let’s say we want to turn our basic PivotTable—in which sales data is broken out by
salesperson totals—into a chart (see Figure 8–61).
Figure 8–61. Back where we started: Sales figures broken out by salesperson. If your data still shows averages
instead of sums, it won’t affect the chart-making process.
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