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Creating a PivotTable and PivotChart Together
Figure 8–69. Removing just one field button from a PivotChart
NOTE: You can also remove individual PivotChart field buttons by clicking the PivotChart
contextual tab, choosing Analyze, and clicking the Field Buttons arrow.
If you want to delete the PivotChart, click in its chart area so that you see that gray
border surrounding the chart, and press Delete—just as you would with a standard
Excel chart.
Creating a PivotTable and PivotChart Together
You can also produce a PivotTable and chart simultaneously , by clicking anywhere in
the source data (meaning the original database), and then clicking Insert Tables
PivotTable PivotChart. You’ll see what’s shown in Figure 8–70.
Figure 8–70. Note that the PivotChart and PivotTable areas appear at the same time.
Now if you drag Salesperson into what’s now called the Axis Fields (Categories) area and
drag Order Amount into the Values area, both the PivotChart and PivotTable will
materialize onscreen.
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