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Managing Your Workbook
Managing Your Workbook
Some worksheet tasks require you to step back from those molecule-sized cells that
occupy the better part of your attention and take a larger look instead at the entire
worksheet—or sometimes, the entire work book . You may, for example, decide you need
to supplement those default three worksheets with a fourth, or write a formula that
reaches over into a second sheet and references a data cell from there. Or you may
want to subject several sheets to the same formats for the sake of uniformity, or protect
a sheet so that no one will be able to overwrite all the intricate work you’ve committed to
its cells. Well, we’re going to address that grab bag of worksheet- and workbook-wide
topics right here.
Adding Worksheets to Your Workbook
A worksheet is a big place—over 16 billion cells are at your disposal, offering you way
more space than you’ll likely ever need to ply your data management tasks. And that’s
just for starters, because Excel is happy to grant you even more room than that—a lot
more room if you need it, in the form of additional worksheets.
Remember that by default Excel supplies the user with three worksheets, each outfitted
with that same 16-billion cell allotment; each with the same addresses (i.e., every
worksheet has a cell A4, a cell Z235, etc.); each available to receive values, text,
formulas, charts—all the data you can conjure. Moreover, you can add even more
sheets as events warrant—as many sheets as your computer’s memory can support, in
fact. The question is why you’d want to.
After all, if you can’t make do with 16 billion cells, you must be doing something more
than a little out of the ordinary—like giving a name to every grain of sand in Coney
Island, or assigning tracking numbers to all of Imelda Marcos’s shoes. Short of that, the
question remains: why would you ever need more than one worksheet?
We’ll start with the usual answer to that question: it depends. For a great many
spreadsheet tasks, one sheet will suffice; but there may be good reasons to assign your
data to several sheets.
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