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Adding and Moving New Worksheets
Figure 9–4. An oldie-but-goodie dialog box: That Excel icon dates back a few versions
Note that this sequence isn’t exactly equivalent to using the Insert Worksheet button
demonstrated earlier, because here the new worksheet will be inserted to the left of
whichever worksheet you right-click. Thus, if you right-click and click Insert on Sheet3,
the new Sheet4 will appear between Sheet2 and Sheet3, even though it’ll be numbered
out of sequence.
There’s even a third way to insert a new sheet, by clicking the Home Insert Insert Sheet
in the Cells button group (see Figure 9–5).
Figure 9–5. Yet another way to insert a new worksheet
This too will insert a new sheet to the left of the sheet tab that’s been clicked
But whatever method you choose, don’t worry. If you decide a worksheet tab isn’t
where you want it to be, you can move it by clicking the tab and dragging it to a new
position. As you drag, you’ll see a page symbol accompanied by a black down arrow,
indicating where the sheet will land when you release the mouse. In Figure 9–6, Sheet3
will be moved between Sheet1 and Sheet2.
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