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Copying a Sheet
Copying a Sheet
You can also copy a sheet in its entirety by right-clicking that sheet tab, clicking Move or
Copy…, and clicking Create a copy in the resulting dialog box (see Figure 9–10).
Figure 9–10. Yes, this dialog box gives you another option for moving a sheet, too.
Click the sheet before which you want the copy to appear, and click OK. The copy will
then install itself there. If you make a copy of Sheet3, it will be named Sheet3(2). But as
you’re about to learn, you can rename sheets, too.
Renaming and Recoloring the Worksheet Tabs
You can also rename the worksheet tabs in one of two ways. For one, you can
rightclick the tab you want to change and click Rename in the context menu. The text appears
selected in black, and you just type the new name and press Enter (see Figure 9–11).
Figure 9–11. Once the text is highlighted in black, type a new name and press Enter.
Alternatively, you can double-click the tab. That will likewise select the tab directly,
again turning it black. Then type the new name and press Enter.
NOTE: You can devise multiword names for the tabs, such as 2010 Data. Tab names can be up
to 31 characters long.
If you want to recolor a tab, right-click the tab and click Tab Color. You’ll see the options
shown in Figure 9–12.
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